The Joshua Center began an apprenticeship training program in January 2011 to train and equip licensed counselors and people interested in prayer ministry. This program is designed as a hands-on experience to develop skills in integrating faith, spirituality, and prayer in the process of helping hurting people. Program participants complete a 1-year 3-phase program.

3-Phase Mentoring Program:

  • Investment- Experienced counselors and discernment prayer ministers will mentor each apprentice and invest in their emotional and spiritual health.
  • Observation-Apprentices will have ample opportunities to observe each mentor in the application of their discipline.
  • Application-Each apprentice will have an opportunity to put their skills into practice and receive feedback from mentors.


Apprentices will attend weekly classes on common helping issues such as foundations of effective helping, helping struggling couples, grief and loss, sexuality issues, attachment and parenting, missionary care and a brief theology of helping course. The Joshua Center's coursework is open to enrollment to the public.