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Are you hurting? We're here to help.



Are you hurting? We're here to helpAt The Joshua Center, we provide affordable counseling and other guidance services to people dealing with all kinds of issues.  Whether you've encountered depression, anxiety, marital problems, sexual issues (defined by the client), parent-child issues, abuse, grief, addiction, conflict, eating issues, work/career issues, or something else, the first thing you need to know is:


You're not alone.


Whatever you've encountered, you're not the first one to experience this and you don't have to walk through it alone.  We offer a wide range of counseling and guidance services, all listed below.


Services we offer include:

 Individual Therapy

The Joshua Center provides therapy for individuals who are looking to live a more healthy and well-balanced life. Our counselors take a distinctively relational approach in helping individuals address concerns relating to family of origin, addiction, depression, anxiety, stress from work, boundaries, trauma, PTSD, grief, loneliness, disappointment and more. By working consistently with a counselor, our clients have been able to process hurt from their past and have learned how to utilize personal experience to create a more hopeful future.

 Couples Therapy

The Joshua Center believes in healthy and thriving relationships. We work with couples on matters that can keep us from experiencing fulfilling and long-lasting love. From issues about money, sex, children, and work - to concerns like infidelity and severe mental or physical illness, our counselors work with couples to help them navigate life’s challenges. Our focus is to help couples work through issues to build unity and a healthy connection to each other.

 EFT (Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy)

Emotionally focused therapy is based on a theory of attachment that has been proven through research. Studies show that having safe bonds and healthy attachments can help you navigate life with less anxiety and chaos. EFT believes that emotions themselves have an innately adaptive potential that, if activated, can help clients change problematic emotional states or unwanted self-experiences. Emotions are connected to our most essential needs- to be connected to others.

 Play Therapy

Play therapy is an effective approach regardless of age, gender or presenting problem. It works best when a parent, family member or caretaker is actively involved in the treatment process. Play therapy is a primary intervention or supportive therapy for behavioral issues caused by bullying, grief, loss, divorce, abandonment, physical and sexual abuse, crisis and trauma.


The Joshua Center joins soon to be arriving couples in identifying and addressing potential challenges and helping them build on relational strengths. We meet 6-15 times and prefer to begin roughly 6 months before the wedding. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and are honored to join this sacred process in people’s lives and therefore address topics like family of origin, sex, money, expectations, roles, cycles and other areas that reveal insight to having better unity.


Currently The Joshua Center provides services in employee assistance programs for several business organizations. If you are a company looking to add us as a provider, please contact us at info [at] If your company has partnered with us to provide services for you, we are honored to become a part of your journey to health and wellness. Please contact our intake coordinator to discover what specific services are available for your needs.


EMDR is a type of trauma therapy that practices by a few of our professional therapists that integrates both sides of the brain (through tapping, eye movements, or sounds) to heal events that were previously distressing. The intent is to heal the brain, not just to provide coping skills for people. EMDR is listed in the new Department of Veterans Affairs & Department of Defense Practice Guidelines "A" category as "highly recommended" for the treatment of trauma. Treatment is used to focus on past memories that are contributing to present situations that are disturbing, and what skills the client may need for the future.

 Intensive work

Several of our TJC therapists meet in intensive blocks of time (typically on Friday and/or Saturdays) for focused counseling work. These blocks vary from 4 hours to as many as 12 hours. While this can cover multiple areas, intensives typically deal with marital distress, infidelity recovery and/or the desire to address core/trauma issues in an extended time format.

 Discernment work

The Joshua Center partners with local ministers from churches and offers a unique form of care for those who are interested in an intensive faith experience. Our team of ministers works personally with clients to help them discern the spiritual dynamics in their lives (according to the values of those helped), to strategically address spiritual issues through various forms of prayer and to find to find freedom through spiritual interventions. Over the last decade, our prayer team has established a reputation of excellence in helping people find healing and wholeness in their lives. Each member of our prayer team comes with years of training and experience in ministry and is deeply invested in the well-being of the people with whom they work.


One of the things that makes The Joshua Center unique is that we often integrate spirituality in practical ways into our work, when appropriate. We work very hard at being “bilingual,” or striving to meet people where they are spiritually and only including such services as fitting and as wanted by the client. Our counselors address the personal dynamics of life as well as other behavior and mental health needs each client presents. Our Center takes a team approach to the healing process and our professional counselors practice within professional and ethical standards established by the ACA and AAMFT.